How to choose gifts that will rock their world

I stumbled upon this by accident the other day! 🙂

It’s awesome for picking Christmas gifts (or any gift!) and it even brings about some other very cool insights that I’m gonna share in a later post ;).

Ok! If you’re anything like me, picking the right gift is a pain in the backside.

I mean, how do you know what to get?

Ask anyone above the age of 18 what they want and you’ll usually get the “Uhm…. I dunno” answer.

Yes it’s easy to pick gifts for younger kids, coz they always seem to know exactly what they want ;)… but for a cooler present, this technique will work wonders even for them.

What’s interesting is that when people ask us the same question, we ourselves often don’t know!

But this little game is gonna answer these questions for us 🙂

You can do this yourself so you know what would be awesome presents for you.

Or you can get the person you want to buy gifts for to play the game, so you (and anyone else) know what to get for them.


Game Time!

Write down what you would do tomorrow if money (and time!) were no object.  You have unlimited funds.

It can be anything at all, from buying Hawaii to going for a swim.  It doesn’t have to be realistic, but remember to allow yourself to go BIG. 😉

Rule 1: You can only choose to do one thing per day.

Rule 2: Everything you choose to accomplish only takes one day.  For example, if you chose to fly to the moon, then you’d be back home before the next day.

Now jump forward to the next day (day 2).

This bit is important…

Close your eyes and visualise what a wonderful time you had the previous day doing whatever you chose.

I bet it was an awesome day :)…

It’s a new day!  So what are you going to do?

Rule 3: You can not pick the same thing that you did on a previous day.

Write it down!

Now jump forward to the next day (day 3).

Just like before, visualise your experiences on the previous days.  Starting with the first day and moving up to the current day.

Then, as usual, write down what you are going to do on this day (day 3).


Keep doing this until you can’t think of anything else different that you would do.

Or feel free to stop once you feel you have reached a healthy number (20-30).

Now have a look at what you wrote down.

You’ll see that eventually you came to days where you did something that didn’t require money – or was inexpensive.

Anyone reading this will then see a ton of awesome ideas on what to get you – and vice versa!

To help illustrate, let me use examples from my experience with this technique :).

What I wrote down when playing…

Day 1

I’d go out for and get a spa & massage.

It’s not something I’d usually do, but, I’ve been working so hard that it would be awesome to just chill out.

I’d also probably be lazy about it and get someone in a limo to come pick me up and take me there.


Aha! A voucher for a spa & massage package and being driven there by someone would fit the mold quite well.

I’d honestly be ecstatic about that, and not feel that half let-down where the present I receive doesn’t ignite that feeling of joy & happiness.

Because isn’t that what it’s all about?

So going on…

The second I opened that package, all of a sudden I would know that my vision is about to become a reality.

And boy would I love whomever gave me that present!

All this coming from me, who has no idea what I want for Christmas. 

Day 2

Hmm… I’ve just had a spa & massage the day before, the limo was great and the whole experience just brought me closer to zen.

Basically, I’m more chilled out, my muscles have loosened and I’m relaxed.

I’d love to have a massive cheese platter delivered to me  in my own home with a huge selection of hundreds of the most exotic cheeses in the world.

I’d also get my fiance to dress up in a ‘nice’ (and slightly revealing) outfit to serve them to me :).


Of course she can’t get me that, but she could easily get me a nice cheese platter.  Which would rock… just don’t forget the outfit! ^^

…Day 6

I’d take my family out on a random holiday somewhere nice, as a surprise.

…Day 10

I’d buy a new car

…Day 25


…Day 26


…Day 26

Spend the day with my daughter.

And this is where the magic happens…

You see, once you run out of things to do, and have everything you could ever want…

All that is left is your passions.

For me, it was writing, teaching and spending time with my daughter :).

And I had no idea that I was so passionate about writing and teaching before I did this …so it was a very very cool exercise ;).

I’m going to follow this up in a later post and focus on helping you find your passions (VERY IMPORTANT) and will also be posting about the three levels of happiness.

To your success!,

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