5 Musts to Market Mobile Apps – now with added beef

Was reading a post on marketing mobile apps, posted by Ken Yamosh on Mashable.

Had a quick look through and there is some reasonable info in there to help you out with your mobile app marketing strategies.

Unlike some of the other ‘junk education’ out there that really tells us squat about how to market mobile apps :S.

So by all means, have a read through and get some education.

5 Musts of Mobile Marketing

But to beef it up a bit more, I felt that it would be educational to pile on a bit of ‘muscle’ and to also show you some mobile app marketing tools you can take advantage of today ;).

1. Build a Splash Page – How to Build a Splash Page

I have a philosophy, also shared by others, which is to find someone who has done it before and is the BEST at what they do – and model what they do.

When it comes to pre-launch buzz and building a list, Frank Kern is the best there is.

(Ed: If anyone knows better, then please share!… so I can follow them :))

One little known fact is that Frank also does work for clients and one of his friends and clients is a gentleman called Mike Koenigs – who happens to have his own little product called Traffic Geyser with a splash page we can look at :).

(Ed: Splash Page, Landing Page, Squeeze page, whatever you wanna call it ;))

Click here to visit Traffic Geyser.

One of the things I love most about his splash page is how the user is really only presented with one option.

Which is – ‘Get Access Now’.

What’s also awesome is the four free videos that help teach their users how to be more successful.

Some other powerful points are:

  • Benefit rich captions (and images!) demonstrating the benefits of watching these educational videos.
  • Clear call to actions
  • Well designed slogan at top of page with strong benefit
  • Overcoming objections by saying they wont share your email with anyone (underneath ‘get access now’ button)
  • Offering a ‘lighter’ and more easier to digest version of their product – only charging 1$ for the trial
  • By charging 1$, they are able to get your credit card details.  So that if someone chooses to purchase any upgrades – they can do so instantly without entering payment details.  Which is another cool way of overcoming future objections.
  • Three clear benefits you get when signing up, which help with ‘stacking the cool’ – a Frank Kern term that I like :).

But perhaps best of all…

Is the main video on the screen that clearly goes through all the powerful benefits of using their product.

Using video can’t be over-stated, it’s one of the most powerful ways to reach people.

Just check out some of these stats –

  • 30 billion videos are watched online every month in the United States alone
  • 60% of ALL content is video.  People are consuming it, that’s what they want.
  • Online video content shows up in Google listings as quickly as 10 minutes.
  • 80% of the populated planet has mobile phone access.  That means 4.5 billion people are connected to mobile phones, and most can view videos.

Of course video by itself isn’t much use if you can’t get eyeballs on it, heh, which is the problem that Traffic Geyser just happens to help us solve by automatically posting our vids on a ton of sites ;).

What’s also cool is that Google gives preference to videos that are being linked to from multiple locations (their way of seeing whether the content is good or not), which works really well for ranking high and getting all that extra traffic!

A word of WARNING!

  1. Make your video content good!… or better yet, make it great!
  2. Pick the right keywords – tip: Choose those that are considered ‘long tail’ and thus have less competition (Google Keyword Tool ;))

Do these and you stand a real good chance of getting noticed.

And now the bad side of Traffic Geyser 🙁

Don’t get me wrong, they provide a great service and a lot of educational material to help you out.

BUT, cancelling isn’t done through your account settings, but via sending an email to –


 With the subject line: CANCEL MEMBERSHIP

So yep, by all means try their free 1$ trial (And steal borrow their free educational content)  but just keep the cancel process in mind if it doesn’t turn out to be the right ‘fit’ for you ;).

Why I focused on the Splash Page

Because it ‘flows’ through into the next ‘4’ musts on the Mashable post :).

2. do a sneak peek

Heh.  I see what Ken is saying here.

And the three sites he lists look cool and all but if you really want to get the word out then also take advantage of all the social sites out there to blitz with your ‘sneak peek’ content.

Just start posting the content so it’s up on the web and building up your google street cred.

You can then just link back to your content when reaching out to communities, blogging sites and anywhere else you want your ‘sneak peek’ to reach.

Read on as I’ve listed a bunch of social bookmarking, status and article sites you can use.

3. Create a teaser video

Done on the splash page.  Reasonable advice on the mashable post, but perhaps to make it even simpler, just focus on your biggest benefit in your vid.

You’ve only got a short time to grab people, so show ‘em your absolute best stuff.

For a game, it’ll be the coolest and most interesting feature that you’ll be showing off.

Now… to get the most out of your teaser video, you really need to get it out in front of many eyeballs as possible!

So :)… to that end, here is a bunch of sites you’ll want to take advantage of.

Video Sites:

  1. www.youtube.com
  2. www.veoh.com
  3. www.myspace.com/videos
  4. www.megavideo.com
  5. www.dailymotion.com

Podcast Sites:

  1. www.podcast.com
  2. www.podcastblaster.com

Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. http://www.bibsonomy.org/
  2. http://www.connotea.org/
  3. http://delicious.com/
  4. http://www.dropjack.com/
  5. http://www.folkd.com/
  6. https://www.google.com/bookmarks
  7. http://www.reddit.com/

Status Sites

  1. http://www.facebook.com/
  2. http://friendfeed.com/
  3. http://www.jaiku.com/
  4. https://posterous.com/
  5. http://twitter.com/

Article Sites

  1. http://www.articlecity.com/
  2. http://www.articlecube.com/
  3. http://www.articlesnatch.com/
  4. http://articletrader.com/
  5. http://www.bukisa.com/
  6. http://look-4it.com/

Traffic Geyser gives you the ability to automatically post your content to all these sites for you, or of course, you can do it yourself :).  

Click here to visit Traffic Geyser.

4. Rally beta testers

Reach out to them via the email list you are building from your splash page – YES, having a way to reliably connect with your users IS important.  More on the ‘why’ in a later post.

But just as an added bit of wisdom, beta testers are great!

By all means, most of them won’t really care too much and just wanna see something new and shiny or get some free access to stuff.

Which is fine and all…

But.. the magic is the occasional few, who boy, do they want to test your app!

And oh boy do they actually come up with some great ideas.

So hell yeah, GET beta testers…

BIG SECRET: Users LOVE to be a part of the ‘process’, so LET them!  The term is prosumers and they can be your biggest and best salespeople evangelists ever ;).

5. share promo codes with key contacts

This could be explored further, but yeah, to get them to actually use your promo codes and check out your app – just send them to your landing page. 😉

The splash page shortcut for those who want it built yesterday

Heh, was just about to post this and remembered that Traffic Geyser also comes with a bunch of free splash page templates.

And you know what, they are pretty damn good! 😉

And that’s all for today!


To your app success! 🙂


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