What are you taking for granted in your relationships?

Whether we like it or not – there is a crossover between our personal and professional lives.

No rocket science here, better personal lives = us moving closer to ‘making it happen’.

Which in our case, is to get our product (app) published onto the App Store.

To your App Success! 🙂

It’s common knowledge that when we have something at hand everyday, we end up taking it for granted.

For example, a roof over our head… how often are we thankful for that?

Or… something perhaps more relatable…

Something that we can all identify with!

Your loved one, other half, partner, wife, husband, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend… you know who I’m talking about ;).

What was your level of excitement and energy the first time you met them?

Or better, how was it at its peak!  When you really started to dig this other person.

Where most of your thoughts revolved around what they were doing and how excited you were to catch up with them.

It was a great feeling wasn’t it? 🙂

What happened?… 🙁

For most people, over time, we just start to take them for granted.

We are used to having them around and so our thoughts will more often wander to anything but our partner.

It’s like we have just become ‘familiar’ with them and see them as just another background feature we don’t really take too much notice of.

Well, of course we do the usual “I love you”, and the quick peck on the mouth to say goodbye.

But when you come home.  Are you running into their arms??  Or are you just greeting them and then going off to do email or some other activity?

Just imagine if you could recreate that initial spark, that initial feeling of joy.  The complete ‘high’ that you were on and the level of passion and excitement you used to have.

Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

Then doesn’t it make logical sense to look closely at what some of the differences are?

1. We don’t think about them as much as we used to

That’s right, we just don’t think about them as often as we used to.  I mean, how often are they at the top of your mind?

You know what, there’s a solution that makes logical sense.

Just make it a must to spend at least once a day (as soon as you wake up is best) to truly focus your thoughts on them and just be thankful for everything they bring to your life.

2. Conversations are no longer cool

 I bet you no longer have conversations that were as good as they were originally?

And I bet you may have at one time or another put it down to ‘running out of things to say’?

That’s bull***t, pardon my language :)…

Truth is, we think we have run out of things to say because instead of listening, and truly being interested in what our partner is saying – we have our own thoughts and concerns that we are focusing on.

So of course the conversation would suck.  What you’ll find is that if your thoughts are focused on them – then you will naturally fall into a conversation without having to try.

Go on, give it a try. 🙂

Another thing to try is and have a conversation with them and ask them questions relating to what they enjoy talking about.  You might find that they start lighting up.

And if you are truly listening, your brain will naturally start wanting to join in and contribute to the conversation.

What you might find is that with enough of this, your partner might even start opening up to talking about what you want to discuss that only you usually have an interest in.

So really, having a good relationship is about exercising the components that make that relationship great – coz exercising them will make those thoughts and emotions stronger.

But it’s not just our mental side we have to exercise.

It’s the physical side too.

Something that was shared with me that really works is the next time you see your partner.

Instead of just giving them a peck on the lips and say you love them – run up to them with joy on your face (like you haven’t seen them in 6 months) and do whatever elicits the most joy and passion for the both of you.

For some this could be grabbing them in a big bear hug and swinging them around.

Others it could be embracing each other and sharing one of those extremely intimate romantic movie style kisses.

You get the idea ;).

Just one final bit of knowledge – sharing an emotion (good or bad!) with someone else magnifies that emotion (and even ourselves!), 2x, 3x, 10x!

And that’s the reason why we’re in these relationship things.

Isn’t it? 😉

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