OMG, my wife had an affair with Legolas!

Kiana at 1 year, 9 months old

Yes, I’m talking about the pointy eared sing-song elf guy from Lord of the Rings.

Oh boy, …what I’d like to do with his bow string.

* cough *


This whole claim sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?…

Until you see the proof!

Right here, to your right, my almost 2 year old (born 4 Nov 11) pointy eared daughter, Kiana. 🙂

Heh.  Ok ok, I lied.

Wy wife didn’t really have an affair with Legolas.

(Ed: You hope)

No.  It was actually Kiana’s fault.

For some reason she thought she’d be smart and shove her left foot over her ear while she was in the womb.

Which caused the elf like ear you are seeing in the picture :).

Although :(, would have been better if she had the common sense to shove both feet up there, coz at least that way, her ears would look even! 😛


To your App Success!


PS: The reason for this post will become clear when we discuss our next topic 🙂 – Why the professional is dead!

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