Why the ‘professional’ is dead and holding you back :(

Hey guys,

I did mention that I would speak a bit about this in the next post, so here I am.

You see, there’s this crazy idea from the corporate world that to be successful in business, you must put on a ‘professional’ face.

It’s just not true, and frankly –

It’s a whole load of  bulls**t.

This is not the way we communicate with each other.

And being the nice guy I am (sometimes :P).

I’d like to share with you a secret.

And here it is.

People like talking to….


That’s right!  You heard me.

We like talking to people.  Not to faceless companies with the emotional capacity of an automated robot following a script.

(Ed: Hmm… I think I just described a large segment of the business community :S)

Seriously, think about it.

How do you communicate to your friends and family?

I’d hazard to say that you care about your good friends :P, and that when you communicate with them, you’re just yourself.

Makes for some pretty quick and easy emails huh?

And I bet that you’ll always take more notice of an email from a good friend than one from a ‘professional’ company.

Unfortunately for a lot of you, your that ‘company’.  And how you converse with your users will dictate whether you stick in their mind or are forgotten like every other company.

So let me ask you the question already ;).

How are you communicating with your users?

If you’re being all fancy pants professional then you are shooting yourself in the foot!

You’re also wasting your time!!

It’s waaaay easier to just write whatever is in your head and send that, than it is to (in my best fancy pants voice) craft a formulated well structured reply that upholds the strictest most confined rules as to what is the accepted standard format reply.

Everyone gets that god damn standard reply!

And thus, if you follow the crowd, yours is gonna get forgotten, real quick.

(Ed: Biiig tip – if you want to get noticed, then don’t follow the crowd ;))

Getting forgotten is real sucky when you are trying to build an app business and get your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

You know what though.

I was guilty of this too!

When I first started out in the app business, my replies were the standard ‘professional’ format that had been a hangover of my days working for a company.

And lo and behold my original little app contracting business didn’t even get off the ground :P.

(Ed: Speaking of which, I’ll also be showing you guys two things you need to do before a customer will purchase from you.  In fact, these 2 make up over 50% of a customers decision of whether or not they will buy from you.)

It’s really no surprise that I had trouble getting clients.

But, you know what.

Ever since I did change to a more casual style, I’ve started to build relationships with my users and have slowly built up a number of passionate fans that happily admit to telling all their friends about my apps :).

Word of mouth kicks butt.

There’s no better referral than when someone else tells his or her friends about a great product – and that great product is yours!

But seriously.

Who would you rather talk to?… and which would you remember?

Someone who’s very relaxed and chatting to you like you’re a good friend.

Or the wooden guy behind the counter that just goes through the motions…

Heh… I’m not even going to ask which one you thought was the answer.

Coz it should be pretty damn obvious ;).


Go out there and do two things.

  1. Be yourself in all communications with everyone – yes, even in your marketing
  2. Treat and communicate with all your customers as if they were one of your good friends

“But Cliff!  What if they think I’m being unprofessional?”

* shrug *, one or two people may have thought this, but I’ve never seen anything to indicate any of the sort.

Quite the opposite actually – I’ve made a lot of friends through conversing with my users.

And they’ve in turn enriched my life, and my app business!

At the end of the day, it’s just easier and more fun.

And as I mentioned earlier, it’s the way we communicate with each other anyways.

Don’t you want to communicate with everyone in the way that reaches them best?

Just in case this hasn’t sunk in, here is a good comparison of a response from a ‘professional’ versus someone just being themselves.

Professional Reply

Hello James,

We appreciate your interest in our product and have located a solution to your problem.


Kind Regards,

Chris Person
XYZ Technologies

Casual Reply

Hey James 🙂

Sorry about the problem you are having with getting the information you need :(.

I’ll fix that up as soon as I can.

But yeah, in answer to the question.  You can set it up to work over a virtual server, you just need to download a third party product to get it working :S.

You can either use VirtuaHost which is free :)… just a bit of a learning curve though :(.  You can find it here – http://virutaserver1ng.com

I personally use GatorHost, much easier :)… heh, but always a down side :S… it costs $29, but yeah, check it out at – http://gator145host.com

Have a great weekend ;).

Heh, I just read that again and the difference is crazy.

I’m not even gonna bother asking which one you’d rather hear back from :P.  Even with my annoying addiction to smiley faces ;).

Listen up!

The ‘professional’ is truly dead, so please, throw off your shackles and stop hauling his heavy carcass around.

Coz he’s only holding you back ;).


To your app success!

Cliff. 🙂

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