For dreams sake, just give already

You know what, sometimes I just love writing a random personal post.

It’s what keeps this whole process enjoyable – well, for me at least ;).

So!  It’s time to share what’s been going on over here.

First up, I wanted to show you a picture of my awesome daughter, Kiana :).  She’s growing fast!

Such a nice calm kid… so far! :)…

But also really wanted to share what’s currently been taking up a lot of my free time, and that’s putting together a business pitch to get 150k investment moneys for a new biz :).

(Ed: Yeah, I’ll be sharing a ton of cool info with you guys about getting investment moneys too – which I’m sure you’ll be more tuned in to after I get the investment moneys ;))

Heh, but while I’m here, I can’t resist sharing some more cool info to help you reach your own dreams :).

So yeah, this company is something I’m really passionate about, because of all the amazing stuff the biz will be able to do for communities and charities around the world.

It’s just something much more important than money.  Even if I received no money from it or anything, that’s not the point.

The point is – and I’m repeating myself here – what a great difference it could make for the world :).

I actually feel driven, and even with the 3-4 hours I get free each day (thank you for that Kiana ;)), I spend all my free time (not including family and household duties :)) doing everything I can to make this new business idea, a successful long-term business.

In fact, it’s in my thoughts every single night, and just to make it completely perfect I’ve been reading and studying a ton of vids, courses and books on exactly how to put a biz plan, pitch and everything together in a way that will appeal to investors.

But I’m not happy just following the script, no.  Every single part of the business plan I’m targeting with ruthless precision, using all the best resources around me to expand them in the biggest,best and most complete ways.

(Ed: A quick lesson there by the way, is whatever you want to get done – go find the best at it in the world, and learn from them! :P)

Heh. 🙂

I think you see what I’m getting at?

Yes, in one part it is Passion, because that’s what is driving me forward, no matter the obstacle.

But there are two deeper, and stronger pieces of fuel that are driving me.  Where the passion alone just wouldn’t cut it.

You see, this whole sense of having such a large and beneficial impact on the world is just.. heh.. euphoric. 😉

And that is lesson 1!.  If you want to receive, then give!  🙂

But for f’s sake, give without expecting anything in return, coz then it just becomes a transaction :(.

That’s all awesome and all, but there is something else that takes it to an even higher level, and that is the love & connection I have with my family :).

(Ed: Pity I suck with keeping in touch with friends :(, heh, but I’m working on that ;))

Seriously guys, start becoming a dedicated fan of those close to you and make sure you keep giving in your own relationships; and they in turn will contribute to turbo-charging you to go out there and grab your dreams.


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