Electoral suicide and decreasing fertility linked?

Do you like the title? ­čÖé

Total nonsense by the way, I can confidently tell you they are not linked ;).

Speaking of electoral suicide, I’m actually bi-partisan when it comes to elections.

I’m this way because generally a politician will get elected in based on popularity and to keep that popularity they need to listen to the general populace which essentially means hard decisions aren’t made.

Now, while I applaud Obama on his efforts to bring in free healthcare, the numbers just don’t add up when you look at the long term cost for a country that doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

But you know what, I might have done it anyways and then once in, scrabble around trying to find a way to keep the damn thing afloat :P.

Speaking of which, from everything I’ve read about Donald Trump, he’s actually a great and caring guy that rose to the top through focus, diligence and hard work.

The man would sleep for three hours and then spend the rest of the time reading and studying until the sun came up.

Going so far that his condition for starting the show ‘Apprentice’ was that it be educational, or they could forget it.

When it comes to America’s financial well-being, you’d be hard pressed trying to find a better president.

But of course, he doesn’t stand a donkey’s chance of getting in :P, so the point is redundant.

Instead, whichever president gets in should get more advice from the best in the business and should hire the advisors & coaches that the top businesses hire to get their country in financial order.

Now, I don’t know if they already do this, and I’m sure some have in the past.

But, it’s one thing to listen to advice and another to actually action it.

Because, if the action isn’t popular, then it isn’t much longer till they are out of power and the action is quashed by the newly voted parliament.

It’s like a horse that knows the way to go but its riders will yank it in whichever direction the popular sentiment directs them.

Maybe, just maybe China will be able to weave a balanced path with their hybrid governmental system.

But, with all the variances of human nature, that might not be a reasonable expectation :).

Hmm… I was just about to say how let’s just hope the world can handle the extreme levels of future population when I did a bit of research and came across this paper.

Word Population to 2300.

The main thing I took out of it was that our vastly decreasing rates of fertility are going to start making our population growth rate be in the negative!

Basically where the standard male used to be able to release 300 million sperm, that number is now down to maybe a million for a lot of western countries. ┬áThe direction of that number isn’t going north any time soon.

Now that’s an example of our bodies actioning a hard and painful decision that needs to be actioned for the long term existence of our race :).

Damnit, I was hoping for grandkids :(.  Stupid bodies.

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