5 killer ad techniques that will help you increase sales

I actually put this post up on a friends blog, sorry guys!

But hey, by helping him out, I’m building a network.

A network of friends that I can access at any time in the future.

Businesses should work the same way.

Who amongst your clients could you build up a relationship that could be of benefit to you both in the future?

Cliff: Do note that I said ‘both’… to any tricksy peoples out there trying to take advantage of others.  And yeah, they do unfortunately exist :(.  If only they realised that that sh*t don’t work no more, it’s a new age and there are infinitely more efficient ways to be successful.

Ed: In case you’re impatient, and just want to see the techniques right now 😉 – 5 killer ad techniques for slaughtering your competition

All of you should have at least some clients that you have become friends with, and what you’ll find is that you each bring a different set of skills to the table.

Like a virtual network of trades.

Take the time to stay in touch and build up that friendship.

And to those who don’t have the gift of the gab, I have two pieces of advice to share:

1. Relationships are a place you go to give.  Anthony Robbins
2. If you want to be interesting, then be interested.  Jay Abraham

Speaking of which, what obsessions do you have?

Are they constructive?… or destructive?

If they are destructive, then get rid of them and find better ones ;).

An area I’d love to go much deeper on but unfortunately it’s an area I’m not an expert of – yet! 😉


Mmm… a bit off topic I know ;), but it allowed me to share some more valuable info.

I’ll try to expand on those in future.

Pop, don’t blend!

Before I send you off to the post, there’s something else I wanted to quickly add.

And that is the principle of creating an ad that ‘blends’ into the page so everything looks nice, versus an ad that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sore thumb will win every time, by a large portion.

Think about it!

You want to get the readers attention!

You don’t want it to blend in with everything else so that it’s not even noticed amongst the clutter.

It’s amazing how many people want to ‘blend’ their ads into the web site.

And I don’t need to have hired a ton of graphic designers to know this ;).

Heh, feel free to not take my word on that one ;).

I don’t have access to any facts there :(.

But all good, there isn’t really a need to go out there and prove it 😉 – as the point is still valuable either way.

As Chet Holmes would say, ads need to ‘pop‘, not ‘blend‘.

Get to the point already!

Ok, ok ;).

Go here to get five killer ad techniques to get more traffic.

5 killer ad techniques for slaughtering your competition

To your app (& business) success!,

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