Find your inner crazy ass goals and get JUIZED!

Crazy Ass GoalsWe can talk all day about the strategies to become a success on the app store (business).

And that’s all good and all.

But you need Juize to keep on going!


It means more than just your typical fruit style of juice.

It refers to your emotional juice, that which keeps you moving forward no matter the setback.

The juize that first got you into selling an app on the App Store.

Treasure it my friend, it’s something that few people in this world have.

The juize to go after their goals and grab them in the palm of their hands.

Hell, I’ve gone flat up to people and asked them –Β “What are your goals?”

And they said to me – “I don’t have any”.


How on earth can you do anythingΒ if you don’t even know what your goals are.

It’s like driving around without having a destination in mind.

You’ll just wander throughout life like a lost puppy :(.

If you don’t have goals, get some!

Write them down.

Done?… good.

Not a goals workshop

You know what though, this isn’t a goals workshop.

It’s a CRAZY ASS GOALS workshop.

Goals that are so insane, so big and so awesome that your whole body gets pumped with a ridiculous amount of JUIZE!

“Just how big are we talking? Β Me earning a million dollars per year?”

Usually I say that’s up to you but that’s not good enough, I’m gonna push you more than that.

Whatever your biggest goal is – MAKE IT BIGGER! πŸ™‚

Much bigger!

Actually, I take that back.

I have two goals, one of which is much smaller than the other yet the smaller one gives me even more Juize than the bigger one.

And it’s what is behind my crazy ass learning obsession ^^.

And that goal is to be a speaker at seminars, helping others to succeed in their business and personal lives :).

A thought that lights me up like a Christmas Tree. πŸ™‚

And the reason it lights me up so much is the level of contribution I would feel just by doing that… wow.

The second goal, which is truly my crazy ass goal that drives my desire to become an ultra successful entrepreneur is –

To build up a successful R&D company focused on making our solar system commercially viable and engineering space habitats that would allow the human race to not have all its eggs in one basket – and of course to allow the planet to recuperate :).

Crazy huh ^^… I love it. πŸ˜›

But there is something that delivers even more Juize

“More?… what tha?”

And that is your relationship, which brings about the ultimate and most powerful form of Juize.

And i’m not sprouting any sob story crap there coz it’s the proven truth.

If you want proof, then just imagine your relationship in the early days when you were both head over heals for eachother.

Imagine that never ending….

Wow… totally kicks any other types of Juize out of the ball park.

The lesson here is the next time you spend time with your partner – get the hell out of your head.

Just breathe into your heart and focus on them to the exclusion of anything else.

You might be surprised by where things head to after that :).


To your app, business and life success! πŸ™‚


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