How to increase your chances of success with App Trends

I get a lot of people coming to me with ideas for apps, and one of the major things I’ve noticed is that there is rarely any research into whether they are creating something that people want, and are searching for.

Honestly, I can’t talk as I’m guilty of this myself!  Getting all excited about a grand new idea and skipping the important stuff in making sure there is a market for this app.

Researching and carefully selecting your niche is like the difference between throwing your fishing line in a random puddle hoping for a bite versus throwing a net into a known area where the fish numbers are crazy ^^.

“But it’s just too much hassle!  And I don’t know where to start?” 

It can be a lot of work, yes.  But, there are ways to keep it simple, enjoy the process and make sure you are choosing a niche that you have a chance of success in. J

Have you ever noticed that movies will sometimes come in waves (trends)?  You get one successful movie in a niche and soon after there is 5 more.

The same is true with apps.  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, look at what types of apps are doing well and model + improve on the best of them.

3 Easy Steps to find out if people are searching for your idea

1. Browse the App Store

One of the best tools around – it’s 100% accurate and completely free!  Simply visit the top free & paid charts for the category you are interested in and have a look for trends.  By which I mean similar apps that are in the top charts for that category.

I recall a year or two back that there were a lot of Todo and Note Taking apps in the top productivity charts.  Right now though I’m seeing that there are a number of texting apps in the top charts.

2. Make sure that they are consistent!

After you have found a group of apps, you’ll need to make sure that they have had consistent downloads.  This is important, as you don’t want to model apps that have just had a brief spike in downloads.

Simple to do!  Visit, register a free account and look up the rank history for the apps.  Here you are just looking for consistency in their rank history – straighter lines are better ^^

3. Ignore big name companies

An important step to follow, you want to be careful that the app isn’t high on the charts because the company behind it is paying for a ton of daily installs!  Instead you want to just be looking for indie (small) companies that have hit pay dirt with their apps ;).

There is more to say, but for now this should be enough to help get you started on making your next (or first) app a success J.

To your life and business success!,


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