Live life now! Not tomorrow, by taking control of your emotions

Often, as human beings we have something that we want to get, achieve or experience before we allow ourselves to feel those emotions of excitement, happiness and joy that we want to experience.

Unfortunately, we often create rules in our minds that say ‘xyz’ must happen first, before we can experience these emotions.  Whether that be achieving a goal, purchasing something we’ve been saving up for, or just being able to pay the bills on time.

To prove this, if you keep asking yourself the question – why do I want this?.  Then it will eventually lead you to an emotion that you want to experience.

For example, you want a hot new sports car.  What do you get out of that?  A feeling of significance, feeling good and relaxed now that you are driving such a sweet piece of engineering.

What if you could have all of those right now and save yourself $50,000?

3 Tips to Feel Better Emotions Today

1. Take time out for yourself

The most important step.  When was the last time you spent time on yourself?  This is where you can spend time doing whatever you are most passionate about, and connecting at a deeper level within yourself.

Some of the best things you can do here are to relax, breathe in deeply and put yourself in a location that relaxes you.  Whether that be within nature, a bustling city, headphones on listening to music in your room or by the beach.

2. Exercise!

Walk, run, move!  Don’t have time to do it?  Then just wake up 30 minutes earlier each day and get it done first thing – that way nothing can interrupt you!

It’s much harder to feel down when you’re moving.

3. Change your state

This one is pretty simple, a big thing you can do here is simply change what you are focusing on in your mind.

For example, if you’re thinking about what a horrible day you had at work today, or worried about not being able to pay a bill in time – you can instead focus on how grateful you are for your family and friends, and on visualizing yourself succeeding at your goals.

A much better state to be in :).  And if you are having trouble changing your focus, then just pull out some music or something similar that you know makes you feel great.  And also follow tips 1 and 2 to make the state change much easier :).

Get out there and start taking steps to take control of your emotions!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results :).

To your life and business success!,


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