The beginners guide to User Interface and Experience design for iOS

Did you know that Apple keeps track of user retention?  Also known as the amount of times a user uses your app, and how often they come back.

And of course, the longer they are using your app then the more likely the chance they will buy something or share the app with their friends.

Which is why the whole User Interface and Experience are so critical.

And what I mean by this is creating an experience that is pleasurable, easy and makes sense.

“But I don’t know anything about User Interfaces!?”

The good news is you don’t have to 🙂 – although having a base understanding of what makes good UI helps.

3 Tips to Be a Hot Shot UI/UX Expert

1. Find the best apps in your niche and ‘model’ their interface

What you are looking for is clean, clear and engaging user experience & interface.  Download these apps and have a play with them.  Take notes on what parts of the Interface made sense to you, and what was difficult.

Just trust your instincts ;).  If you find yourself getting frustrated, bored or just don’t understand the app then perhaps it’s time to move on and check out another.

2. Let your developers know this is what you are looking for

Give them examples of User Interfaces from these apps that you liked and you want them to be using.

For example, you might see an app that had a really cool layout for displaying and updating it’s information.  You will want your developers to create a similar layout, style and implementation of what you are sharing with them.

This doesn’t have to, but can also include fonts, positioning, colours and shading that the other app uses.  Just don’t make an exact copy!! ^^

3. Look for trends

Yep.  Trends apply even here.  Think about it, users get used to ‘trends’ amongst the apps they play with every day.  It makes sense to bring across these trends into your own apps.

For example, right now iOS 7 minimalistic style is big so you definitely want to style your apps around iOS 7.  The great news is that your developers can re-use a lot of the standard Apple UI here to create this effect for you automatically.

Now take your apps to the next level! ^^

To your life and business success!,


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