What’s one small thing you can do every day for yourself?

When you think about it, all the areas of ourselves affect how we perform.

Just think of the athlete who doesn’t do their warm-ups or who isn’t physically fit, or the student who has crammed 6 months worth of information in one evening.

If you’re an entrepreneur it can be something as simple as the ongoing pressure of not being able to pay bills and the roller coaster ride of ups and downs that affects your performance.

That pressure is unavoidable (when you are in this situation), and is a part of the process.  But what you can do is help balance the scales by taking just 15 minutes a day to do something that is good, and makes you feel great.

CV: Bonus if it’s good, makes you feel great and helps others ^^.

It could be something as simple as finding somewhere relaxing and listening to your favourite music for 15 minutes a day.  Or perhaps stepping out and going for a 15 minute jog.

If you don’t have 15 minutes, then take out 5 minutes each day for this.

And if you get caught up in other activities, then just wake yourself up 5 – 15 minutes earlier each day and do it first thing – that way you have no excuses ^^.  Once  you start doing it, you’ll love it and make it an ongoing ritual…

To your health, success and happiness!,


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