What You Need to Know About Small Business Digital Grants in QLD

The Small Business Digital Grants in QLD is aimed at giving access to small ventures in the field of digital technologies and other services. This will enable them to work smartly and reach the global economic base, to make the most out of the ever growing online business opportunities.

What is the “Small Businesses Digital Grant”?

If you are a small business based in QLD, then the Small Business Digital Grants program is available to take your company one step further. This will help your business to emerge as one of the leaders in the competitive world of digital technologies.

An eligible business can get a funding of up to $10,000.

In order to be considered for this milestone grant, you have to show that the grant will help you to:


  • Grow your business and make it more competitive.
  • Hire more employees to meet your business’s need.
  • Expand the digital competencies of your business.


Why should you take part in this program?

The grant will be your key to unlock the latest developments in digital technologies. In no time, the overall level of competitiveness and productivity will rise. Moreover, you will get access to latest training programs designed to use the latest technologies more efficiently.

Your small business will surpass the boundary of regional presence and will establish a greater impact. Fewer work hours, but more innovation, will give your small business the desired breakthrough.

About the funding

On successful completion of the project, payment will be given to the business directly. Any GST applicable on the amount of grant will be compensated as well.

The Last Date For Submitting An Application Is April 10, 2017. For more info regarding the grant and how to apply, click here:


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