Find your inner crazy ass goals and get JUIZED!

We can talk all day about the strategies to become a success on the app store (business). And that’s all good and all. But you need Juize to keep on going! “Juize?” It means more […]


If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived

Hmm… seems like this week is overcome failure week :). Seriously though, check out this awesome one minute movie that’ll help inspire you to achieve your goals in life. Enjoy :).


Electoral suicide and decreasing fertility linked?

Do you like the title? 🙂 Total nonsense by the way, I can confidently tell you they are not linked ;). Speaking of electoral suicide, I’m actually bi-partisan when it comes to elections. I’m this […]

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For dreams sake, just give already

You know what, sometimes I just love writing a random personal post. It’s what keeps this whole process enjoyable – well, for me at least ;). So!  It’s time to share what’s been going on […]


OMG, my wife had an affair with Legolas!

Yes, I’m talking about the pointy eared sing-song elf guy from Lord of the Rings. Oh boy, …what I’d like to do with his bow string. * cough * Anyways… This whole claim sounds ridiculous […]


How to choose gifts that will rock their world

I stumbled upon this by accident the other day! 🙂 It’s awesome for picking Christmas gifts (or any gift!) and it even brings about some other very cool insights that I’m gonna share in a […]