Estimated pricing

To assist, we’ve put together some info below (and shared some stats) to help give you an idea of what the total costs and time-frame for a project might be.

Small 4-8 weeks

An example of a small project is a small prototype (MVP) of an app, which can be used to show to potential investors which generally takes 4 – 8 weeks to complete.  Another example is a simple WordPress website, which will generally cost around $6,400.

Medium 8 - 12 weeks
$12,800 - $19,200

If you need to create a software platform that requires something more specialised for a website and an iPhone app version, then this takes around 2-3 months to complete and costs around $12,800 – $19,200.

Large 3 months+

As for larger projects where your products require a website with a customised back end and have an iPhone and Android app version of the website, then these usually take over 3 months to complete and start from $19,200.

What is different about us?

We build our own apps

We do everything in house. From project management to design, development, to setting up servers and front end development, we do it all ourselves with our own full team of talented people.  Specially picked, trained and nurtured from the beginning.

We are openly transparent

We don’t have a sales team or have an agency working for us. We prefer our clients working directly with our project managers, developers and designers at the very beginning. We are open and transparent (maybe a little too transparent) with our clients, and we like to get the work done as quickly and cost effectively as we can.

We care about you and your products

We genuinely care about yourself and your vision, and are committed to assisting you in making it happen under the best circumstances for yourself.  To do so, we will even recommend development starts at a later time if there is a leaner way for you to get your product out and tested in the market.

Learn more about our process!

Here we lay out all the steps of the process, from the very beginning with engagement and mapping out a solution, to the very end of development / testing and ongoing from there.