Help fight food waste. Save money. Connect with the community.

Feedles ( is more than just an app, or a website, or a directory listing – it is all of these, as well as a grass-roots not-for-profit organisation that will continue to research and investigate further tools and assistance for all members of the food relief community.  From pioneering community fridges, to working directly with distributors and growers to create integrated re-distribution platforms.


Fight food waste

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of food waste by redirecting and reducing the amount of food that goes to landfill each year.

Find emergency food charities

Feedles makes it simple for those in need to instantly locate and access emergency food relief.

Donate to charities

We raise awareness for food relief charities, to receive donations and to help them continue to provide food relief to those in need.

Save money & environment

We make it simple for local businesses to connect with the local community to donate or sell surplus food – which will save them money, and help protect our environment

Are you a food relief organisation or charity?

Find out how Feedles can help raise awareness, get more funding and volunteers for your organisation.

Who can use Feedles?

Anyone who needs access to food relief

Feedles aims to make it simple for struggling families and individuals to access emergency food relief when they need it.

Anyone with access to the internet can:

  1. Check in to
  2. View all the Food Relief Organisations, and charities around their current location (in a map view)
  3. See up to date information (opening times, services, food donations and contact details) for people to be able to quickly seek assistance

We want to help connect the 20% of Australians who have experienced a shortage of food in the last 12 months with food relief organisation around them.

Hunger doesn’t discriminate as it can affect anyone – from the young and old, single and families, both male and female, employe and unemployed, students to retired people.

About 640,000 Australians on average are currently receiving food relief each month with the generation Y (31%) almost twice as likely to have experienced food insecurity than the average (18%).

Local businesses

We want to make it simple for local businesses to connect with the neighbourhood and sell surplus food that saves them money and save the environment.

These businesses will have:

  1. Full control when listing and selling their surplus food through their sellers account
  2. Connect and sell directly to the community and further out
  3. Access to payment immediately

Through Feedles, we can help :

  • Reduce food companies warehousing costs
  • Reduce expenditure associated with dumping food in landfils

The Emission Reduction Fund – which creates a positive incentive for Australian businesses to adopt smarter practices to cut the amount of greenhouse gases they create.

Food relief organisations and charity groups

We want to provide a visual database of the food relief organisations and welfare groups, also optionally allowing them to claim a Feedles account for their organisation where they can:

  1. Promote their organisation, available donations and upcoming events.
  2. Be contacted easily for volunteers and services
  3. Receive money directly to the organisation via donations (PayPal)

In just 2 years, demand for food relief services have increased by 25%. They are struggling to cope with the demands and unfortunately, each month some 43,000 people are turned away without food or assistance, 1 in 3 of whom are children. Most of these organisations and charities are small.  They work locally and rely heavily on the community for volunteers, food donations and other donated services/items.

Through Feedles, where charities and welfare organisations are now listed on a visual map, it will:

  • Increase their visibility within the greater community and awareness of the services they provide
  • Allow more community members to volunteer their time or businesses to volunteer their services
  • Possibly increase funding from the greater pool of communities now aware of local food relief charities and organisations

Ordinary households and individuals

By giving these households the power/option to reach out and give directly to members of the community who are in need, it could help ease the work load on charities and FRO’s.

Feedles will also provide educational content on what they can and can’t donate as well helpful information on how to avoid food wastage from their our own home. Information content will include:

    • What date marks mean – A “best-before” date is different from a “use-by” date product.
    • Proper food storage tips for households to increase shelf life and use of reusable packs or airtight containers to reduce spoilage
    • Awareness and encourage to buy ‘ugly’ or imperfect food
    • Encourage buy unsold or surplus, fresh and edible food directly from local business at a discounted price via Feedles

Easy recipes using what’s already in their pantries or leftover food in the fridge.

The environment

Feedles aims to help reduce the 4 billion tonnes of food that ends up in landfills and re distribute this fresh, and edible food back to the community.


When food rots, it gives off a greenhouse gas called methane. A deadly gas that’s 25x more potent than the carbon pollution from our car exhaust. Feedle aims to reduce this by:


  • Making it easy for farmers to save the produce that’s been rejected by supermarkets and re distribute directly to the local community. The community benefits by getting access to fresh and healthy food for their families while farmers recuperate some costs that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.
  • Providing useful and educational content directly to the community on how to minimise food wastage (eg. best before and use by, proper food storage etc)
  • Provide simple how to guides and 5 ingredient max recipes to make better use of leftovers and food that has been donated.