Our process

We’ve been building apps since the App Store first opened in 2008, and have a team culture of friendship, honesty and transparency.  This is important as it’s a foundational part of the whole process – you can’t create a quality building without a solid internal structure to support it.

Below we provide a detailed overview of every step of our process, so that everything is clear.


Your app in 5 phases

Split into 5 project phases, we share a summary of each of the steps required to complete a project.  Please note that each project is different (not all phases + steps apply) and that the information below is purely for your education.

  1. Project Setup
    First things first, we set up your Apple Developer Account.
  2. Use-Case Scenarios
    We’ll help define your app’s user goals, what they want to accomplish and define your audience
  3. Sitemap
    Once we’ve gotten to know your audience more, we’ll outline the app’s functionality and workflow to meet their needs
  4. Content
    We’ll minimise unknown surprises by mapping out any additional content you want to have in the app
  5. Wireframes
    We’ll provide a visual representation of the sitemap which also shows the navigable prototype of how the app will work
  1. App Branding
    We’ll incorporate your existing brand (where applicable) and artwork in to the app
  2. Visual Design
    Finally, we’ll design a mock up for the home screen and sub screens before development.
  1. Development
    Once we begin production, our developers will focus on completing the task set before them. It also means while we will constantly update you on the app’s progress, there will be no change request until the Alpha Test version is ready for review.

    This is why it’s so important to get the planning and information architecture phase correct at the very beginning.

  2. Testing
    Our testers will try to break your app, not literally, but our testers will spend a lot time trying to crash your app and fix the bugs internally before it is released on the App Store.
  1. Submit to App Store
    Your app will be submitted under your company’s name. It takes about 7 days (depending on the wait) for Apple to review any app submissions.
  2. Feedback
    If there’s any feedback from Apple we will handle those issues so you can focus on the app’s launch.
  3. Launch in App Store
    We’ll let you know as soon as the App is available on the App Store
  1. App Care
    After the app launch, we’ll provide ongoing support by fixing any existing bugs for the next 3 months.


Once we have had our initial interview and gathered as much information about what you want and expect from your product, our dev team will provide a general timeframe on roughly how long it will take.  Which will give you an early idea of what the total cost would be.

Each project we work on is different and depending on the scope of work required, the timeframe we provide will vary. Please note however that most projects at a minimum (a small project or an MVP) could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks – from kick off to final testing & delivery.

Small Project Timeframe Example

Week 1: Kick-off meeting and account setup
Week 2-3: Specs/Sitemap
Week 4-5: Content / Wireframes
Week 6: Visual Design/ App Branding
Week 7-11: Development
Week 12-13: QA Testing

Tech we use

Would you like to know about our pricing?

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