Rosherl Tungpalan

Rosherl is the CEO and Co Founder of Kerofrog. Having started her career in the Queensland Government, she worked on policy and contracts before branching over to event management (having won awards 3 years in a row), project management and digital marketing.

Rosherl is an avid learner and is constantly adding more sets of skills when she can, with graphic design, video production and the recent addition of strategic growth hacking under her belt.

Her current focus in the company’s long term direction is to work closely with community groups and assisting the not-for-profit sector in leveraging the tech industry to grow and expand.

Outside of work, she enjoys watching documentaries, spending time with her family and dreams of retiring as a carpenter. Unfortunately, her DIY skills are a disaster.

Cliff Viegas

Cliff is the Co-CEO and Co Founder of Kerofrog. He has an understanding of development, UI / UX design, personal development, business strategy and creative thinking.

Cliff’s most passionate moments are when he is focused on helping create solutions to real world problems – such as hunger, housing and clean water issues.

In his spare time, Cliff loves to listen to personal development, business and metaphysics audio books – as well as playing games and relaxing with his children / family.

Thuong Nguyen

Thuong is the General Manager at our Kerofrog Vietnam office. He enjoys putting a team together and is an excellent project manager in tackling complex projects head on. Thuong has an amazing talent when it comes to helping clients get the results they want, which would match with their requirements.

Besides managing a team, Thuong has a lot of experience as well in iOS, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Out of work, Thuong enjoys playing DOTA. If you are a DOTA player, too, feel free to ping him and play some games. 😉

Marielle Garcia

Marielle is an Admin Manager in Kerofrog’s Project Management Team. She has been working as a freelancer for more than 5 years, working mainly with e-mail/communications and admin management roles.

Marielle previously worked as an article writer when she first started freelancing. Later on, she handled e-mail/communications – including customer support – for eCommerce websites and getting in contact with the businesses’ clients. Alongside communications, she also worked as Project Manager for various clients. Eventually, she moved up to administration roles which includes updating eCommerce and website content, as well as handling their respective social media accounts. Marielle now works full-time for Kerofrog and manages all these roles with the rest of the Project Management Team.

During her free time, Marielle enjoys dates with her daughter at the coffee shop, playing League of Legends, as well as doing art projects, scrapbooking and calligraphy.

Duy Nguyen

Duy is a Senior UI/UX Design professional, and is Kerofrog’s Head of Design. He has more than 6 years of experience being a leader in his field.

Duy conducts creative analysis and designs best-fit solutions for applications, media and web design. He has assisted clients from all backgrounds and has implemented thoughtful and impactful branding solutions to help businesses grow.

Not only has Duy worked for businesses, he also has proven experience in the gaming industry, working for two well-known games. In 2016, Duy worked as an image manager for FIFA Online 3 in Vietnam, which is one of the most played games in the world. He has also given his expertise on UI/UX design for League of Legends, mostly working on micro-sites.

Further, Duy is passionate about helping others and shares his innovative and creative design experience as a lecturer to new and upcoming designers.


Hung is the DevOps Manager for Kerofrog and has been working in this field for 7 years. He is also a big fan of Linux.

Hung graduated from University with a major in Networking, and he is very experienced as a Linux system admin, programming, and security. Hung also has a huge interest in defending systems against attacks, especially on DDoS protection, which he has spent most of his time doing in these last years.

Besides working as a DevOps manager, Hung enjoys reading personal development and business books. He’d love if you can recommend him good books. 😉 He is also very friendly and as open as “open source”, and is always ready to provide his support to anyone who needs it.

Quoc Nguyen

Quoc is our Senior PHP Developer. He has been working with PHP for a few years now, focusing on back-end development, API’s using the Laravel framework and mySQL databases.

In addition to PHP, Laravel and mySQL, Quoc has built websites from scratch using WordPress or a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery – as well as incorporating new technologies such as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

In his spare time, Quoc enjoys playing games, watching movies, listening to music and traveling with his friends.

Duong Nguyen

Duong (a.k.a. Dan) is one of our most Senior Mobile Developer. He has been working as a mobile developer for several years, mainly focusing on iOS and Android.

With a deep understanding and knowledge of Android and iOS technologies, Duong has worked on complex projects to bring app products to mobile users that not only have beautiful user interfaces, but with a focus on good user experience as well.

In addition to being a mobile app developer, Duong also works with PHP and Laravel Frameworks to develop his websites during his spare time.

Duong’s hobbies include researching new technologies, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym during his free time.

Quynh Ta

Quynh Ta is a highly skilled Senior Mobile Developer.

Quynh’s experience as a mobile developer started with iOS, before eventually moving to Android as well. He is interested in researching new technologies in both Android and iOS.

Quynh enjoys reading comics, listening to music and playing video games when not working.

Kiet Bui

Kiet Bui is a Senior Mobile Developer at Kerofrog.

Kiet Bui has been working with the team since 2015, and has found that Kerofrog has given him lots of opportunities to further improve his skills. He is very passionate with his work and always looks forward to working with clients to deliver them the requirements they look for in their projects.

There are two Kiet’s in the Kerofrog Vietnam team, and he is known as Kiet Bui. His hobbies include playing League of Legends, photography, and partying with his friends.

Giang Nguyen

Giang is a talented Fullstack PHP Developer and has graduated from the University of Technology and Education in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Kiet Le

Kiet Le has mad skills as at Fullstack PHP Developer.

Kiet Le first worked with ASP.NET MVC Framework, but after finding the limited opportunites as a .NET developer, he decided to switch to working with PHP.  With a goal to expand his knowledge and gain more experiences to better improve his skills.

“I want to learn to know, learn to work, learn to live, learn to be. I want to learn more things until I no longer can.”

Kiet Le enjoys playing games of football with his friends during the weekends.

Nhan Vo

Nhan is an excellent PHP developer with a main focus on the Laravel Framework.

Aside from working with PHP and Laravel, Nhan is also in the process of learning Angular 2, a JavaScript Framework. He wants to expand his knowledge even more and learn new technologies to help contribute more to the company.

His hobbies include watching films about superheroes, as well as playing games.

Thanh Khoa

Thanh is a PHP Developer in our team specializing in .NET, Java and JavaScript.

In addition, Thanh is also knowledgeable in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and is also currently studying iOS development to expand his skills.

Though being a programmer and coding is something Thanh enjoys, he also likes UK and Korean music. He is happy to be a part of Kerofrog, where he finds the team very happy and enthusiastic.

My Nguyen

My is an excellent Tester for Kerofrog, mainly specializing in .NET, Java, SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle and manual testing.

My is also currently studying at the University of Technology and Education in Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Information Technology.

When not working, My enjoys watching films, reading books, and listening to music. My’s goals include wanting to be a great tester and to learn more android programming for the future.

Hoa Dang

Hoa is meticulous Tester for Kerofog, with specialized focus in Java, Angular JavaScript and manual testing.

Hoa is also currently studying at the University of Technology and Education in Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Information Technology. When not working, Hoa enjoys reading and playing Badminton.

Hoa also wants to travel the world in the future and looks forward to learning and further expanding her knowledge.

Thinh Phan

Thinh is another skilled Mobile Developer in our team who works on both iOS and Android. Thinh also has experience working on the Ionic Framework.

Thinh is now also trying to learn the PHP Laravel Framework and he wants to further improve his skills in coding, learning new technologies and communicating with more people in the years to come.

During his free time, Thinh enjoys watching films, researching topics other than programming and playing sports.