Speedy Log – Mileage Log & Road Trip Tracker

Speedy Log - Mileage Log & Road Trip Tracker


  • Hi, I’ve been using your app up until early of 2017 for speedlog.

    when an update was issued and i lost all previous information recorded up to that date. i notice now that the app uses icloud as a backup and not dropbox. my information still seems to be intact on drop box.

    i’ve tried to recover the database but run into a problem with a password when trying to extract.

    if you have a way i can recover the data or the password so i can extract the data manually, that would be of great assistance. i need it for tax purposes.

    Linh Nguyen Reply
    • Hi Linh :).

      Please send the DB over to cliff@kerofrog.com and we’ll work at extracting your data for you :).


      admin Reply

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