We want to raise awareness, increase funding and volunteers into the food relief organisations.


Feedles, at its core purpose, is designed to help charities receive and distribute food donations immediately. We want to make it easy for you to:

  1. Promote your organisation, available donations and upcoming events.
  2. Be contacted easily for volunteers and services
  3. Receive money directly to the organisation via donations (PayPal)

In just 2 years, demand for food relief services have increased by 25%. They are struggling to cope with the demands and unfortunately, each month some 43,000 people are turned away without food or assistance, 1 in 3 of whom are children. Most of these organisations and charities are small.  They work locally and rely heavily on the community for volunteers, food donations and other donated services/items.

Through Feedles, where food relief and community welfare organisations will be listed on a visual map, it will help:

  • Increase their visibility within the greater community and awareness of the services they provide
  • Allow community members to volunteer their time, skills or services through an online booking system
  • Increase funding from a greater pool of communities who will become of these community groups through our ongoing marketing and promotional efforts

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