The fast track to success in the App Business game

How to strap on a rocket and fast track your way to successThe partnership & sponsorship models totally kick ass and are two of my favourite business models out there.

They are literally the fast track to success, like strapping on a rocket pack and hurling towards your ultimate strategic position at the speed of sound.

You could say these models are part of my ‘dream team’ ^^.

But before I start talking about the partnership & sponsorship models…

I have some beef!

And not the edible kind.

Cliff: **groan**, am still recovering from oversize burrito night… never again… ^^

My beef is everyone out there who doesn’t know what they are doing!

Specifically those that play and compete in the game of business without even knowing all the rules!

Listen, I’m not dissing anyone.

I’m simply saying that they aren’t doing themselves any favours.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Let me ask you a question; would you ever play a game of basketball without knowing the rules?

“Yeah, why not.”

How about a competitive game of basketball where the competition is fierce and your future financial security is on the line?

“Hell no, I’d learn the rules like the back of my hand and practice like mad before the game.”

Then why on earth do you play the viciously competitive game of business without knowing all the rules – and thus not spending time improving all the required skills?

Luckily the good news is that the vast majority of businesses out there don’t know all the rules themselves.

They might be good with the 3-point shot (one area of business) but are totally lame with anything else.

Not because they don’t think those other areas are not worth it.

But because everything else is an unknown, something they don’t understand and thus execute poorly – if at all.

So, you go on to the court, 1 on 1 with someone else in the lowest basketball division and get slaughtered any time you face someone who knows the rules that takes you on from a higher division.

And then there are the teams of 2 to 5 players that take you on.

And even if you are better than them individually, a team of 2 is still gonna trounce ya ;).

Which is the same in the world of business.

If this is similar to you, then start thinking now.

Whether you want to one day build something that can generate you continuity based passive income or already have a business.

Start thinking about the bigger picture now and understanding that the term – ‘the game of business’ is real.

Business is a game.

And, you can learn the rules, play as a team and be able to execute your game tactics with the most piercing of effectiveness.

When two minds come together, a third mind that was never there before comes into existence

Entrepreneurs that work as partners instead of as ‘solopreneurs’ are beating the lone texas rangers out there.

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs end up retiring early from the game. L

Last time I checked, the stats were that 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years.

Cliff: I’m actually being generous with that number here as I don’t have the stats in front of me ^^

But let’s say that you are awesome, and manage to drag your business kicking and screaming over the 10 year mark.

Then you would be a part of the illustrious 4% club ;).

And what gradually happens is that the teams that remain eventually get better and better, build a larger supporter base, take on bigger challenges and eventually start to slowly crack into the major leagues.

Ten to twenty years later!

I say this because most businesses run on trickle economics where the number of clients/users they have grows at a trickle, a bit one month, and a bit more the next.


What if you as the solo (or team) player of that basketball team could get a mega dream team of players to join your team and take you to the big leagues the very next week.

What if you as a business owner could get a flood of clients for your business, so many that you can’t keep up.

And what if I told you that it’s easier than you think J.

Enter the sponsorship and partnership models!

Which is basically getting sponsored by a fortune 500 company or partnering with a non-profit organization.

“Seriously?  Why would a fortune 500 company ever want to sponsor me?”

It’s because you have something they don’t have.

Great content.

Content that aligns with their strategic objectives or marketing initiatives.

“But I’m not big enough, and don’t reach enough people.”

That doesn’t matter.

If a fortune 500 company wanted to reach more people then they would just pay for advertising.

To give you an understanding – the two reasons a fortune 500 company would want to sponsor you is to change or reinforce a brand image.

Which at the end of the day is what translates into more dollars for them J.

“But charities don’t have any money to partner with me?”

Oh really? ^^

I got two words for you – 😉

Seriously, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the USA, and to give you some numbers:

For example, City of Hope non-profit org has expenses over 700 million dollars in the most recent fiscal year.

Even though they are one of the super sized charities, there are still many other charities with millions in expenses.

And a product or service that was of benefit to their market segment – something that could help reinforce their brand or a promotion that could bring in more awareness and donations…

Would be very valuable to them J.

The real point here is ‘collaboration’.

Going in to either the fortune 500 company or the charity with the aim to collaborate together.

Which is a good way to think about it, as you are not going to ‘sell’ yourself.

You are just finding someone that you can work together and collaborate with.

“But a fortune 500 company seems too big and scary L”

Here’s a little secret J.

Marketing teams in large corporate companies are just a small group of people sitting around a table saying – “What the hell are we gonna do with this months marketing budget?”.

They need you ;).

And incidentally, that is also another reason why you want to get sponsors and/or partners.

They have the marketing budget!

A budget that they must spend.

They are looking for something to spend it on! J

I’ll end on that note but leave you with one extra tidbit ^^.

PR is an important component of your marketing efforts.

And is what helps reinforce your brand image.

Let’s say you got an awesome PR writer to write a PR piece for your business.

How many media locations would pick it up?

Of course you can get online press release distribution firms to send your PR piece to thousands of locations, and you might get a couple hundred pick up your piece.

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a large expense to yourself. L

Let’s now say that the scene has shifted, and instead of going down that PR route, a fortune 500 company that has sponsored you sends out a PR piece on your behalf.

How many locations do you think would pick up your PR piece now? ^^…

And how much higher quality do you think those locations would be? J

One good reason this occurs is because the media are already following those companies ;).

Yet it goes even deeper…

How credible do you think your business would look if you were able to list a fortune 500 company as a partner?

My delusion is that you’d instantly gain a huge amount of credibility in your market place J.

Something to think about! 😉


To your app (& business!) success,



P.S. There are also some specific tactics that can be used to identify viable sponsors/partners and also best practice for approaching them to collaborate.

Hmmm…. Might do up another article in future on these J.

But of course you’re free to get in touch with me if you ever wanna learn more.

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