The beginners guide to App Store keywords

I ignored keywords for a very long time :(.  And I consistently see clients doing the same… I mean who can blame us right?  Keywords are hard to do right?  And they aren’t that important?….


Did you know that approximately 60% of all App Store sales are through App Store Search?  And did you know there are some easy things to do to come up with keywords? ^^

“What are keywords?”

They are the words you enter into the title and keywords section for your app on iTunes Connect.  For your keywords you have exactly 100 characters for keywords and 255 characters for the title.

Lots of Appreneurs forget about the title 🙂 – this is a powerful place to put keywords, make sure to use it.

“How to put together keywords?”

For example, if you want to rank for “Barcode Scanner”, “Fast Barcode Scanning”, and “Barcode Reader” then your keywords would look like –


Just please note that if a keyword is in the title, that you don’t need to also add it to they keyword section.  So if the name of your app was “Barcode Scanner”, then you would remove those 2 keywords from the keywords section :).

5 Easy Tips for Better App Store Keywords for Beginners

1. Look at the names of apps doing well in your niche

Specifically where they have the ‘longer names’ for their titles.  For example there is an app in the productivity category named “Quick Scan – Barcode Scanner & Best Shopping Companion”.

What words do you think they are trying to rank for? ^^ 

2. Use ASO tools for keyword spy

A service I recommend is, as it give you free keyword spy research on your competitors :).

I was able to quickly search and find the Quick Scan app and see some of the other keywords they are using.  

3. Use Google Keyword Planner for keyword ideas

Don’t run!  It’s easier than it sounds :).  Just do a search for Google Keyword Planner, and login to the site with your free Google account.

Then click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”, enter a few keywords (comma separated phrases, or individual words) relating to your app and click on “Get Ideas”.

Then click on the “Keyword Ideas” tab and sort by Avg. monthly searches.  By default this should be the US, which is a good market to start with.

I tested this with ‘Barcode Scanner’ and ‘Shopping Companion’ and found out that barcode scanner gets 40k searches a month, and shopping companion only 20.  Barcode Scanner might be a winner here :).

I also found out that ‘shopkick barcodes’ and ‘barcode reader’ (which were keyword ideas given to my by Google) also ranked high, so these are keywords I would probably try to rank for.

4. Read the reviews of other apps in your niche

This stuff is gold :).  You’ll quickly be able to gather what words people are using to describe the app which will give you a ton of new keyword ideas for what your target market are searching for.

Just grab the common words + phrases being used, check how popular they are and add them to your keywords ;).

5. Test and tweak, test and tweak and test and tweak…

The most important step.  The best keyword experts in the world are the ones that consistently change their keywords on a regular basis.  Constantly testing to see if just one change can make a difference to their ranks.

Think about it – you could be awesome with putting together keywords but your competitor that is constantly trying new keywords each week to rank higher is gonna ‘out-keyword’ you eventually…

So why not be the one who is consistently improving their keywords ^^…

Just take the time to follow these steps and as I was ^^, you will be very pleased with the results :).

To your life and business success!,


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