Corporate community project to help struggling emergency food relief charities

A big part of our company’s culture and passion is to give back and provide support to our local community groups.

For years, we have been discussing the issues not-for profit organisations face, how we can help ease their challenges and more importantly which problem to tackle first. With so many challenges identified, we decided to focus on one of the biggest global issue faced by so many – hunger.

Hard Facts:

  • One in 6 Australians has sought food relief at some point every year
  • Half of those who require food relief are children
  • In just two years, the demand for Foodbank’s service has increased by 25 per cent
  • More than 640,000 people a month is currently relying on food relief to get by

We would love to assist NFP groups in tackling some of the main challenges by providing the following benefits to emergency food relief organisations:

  • Allow anyone to find and donate food (non-perishables) and moneys to local organisations in the area
  • Allow local organisations to receive crowd funded money donations direct into their PayPal account
  • Allow a person in need to find emergency food relief organisations near their home immediately
  • Allow anyone to volunteer their assistance / time to assist organisations in the area
  • Allow for-profit organisations and groups to provide monetary and food donation (non-perishables) assistance to their local communities

For the past 5 years, we have been improving an app/software to tackle those main challenges. This free app, which is almost complete, has been built specifically to support emergency relief food organisations.

However, before the app is made available, we would love to engage with emergency relief organisations on how we can best serve our local community 🙂

If you work in an emergency food relief organisation, a for-profit organisation and groups or an individual interested in helping out with our community app project, please leave a comment below or email us on


Rosherl is the CEO for Kerofrog, with a background in online marketing, design, project management, chronic insomniac and a DIY disaster.