Speedy Track – Time Tracker, Hours Keeper & Timesheet

Speedy Track - Time Tracker, Hours Keeper & Timesheet

Speedy Track – Time Tracker, Hours Keeper & Timesheet

iOS 5.0
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Introducing Speedy Track – time tracking, made simpler.

Time is objective – and it’s a crucial factor in the work of freelancers, lawyers and other professionals that need to keep track of how much time they have spent on any given project. Speedy Track is a quintessential tool that allows professionals to stay ahead of their schedule and charge for the time they have partaken in a job/project.

Play and pause. It’s that simple to start recording time on the fly. Add new projects and end existing ones – Speedy Time Tracker lets you add tasks and record how much time you have spent on them. You can also export your time logs as a PDF and easily back them up with Dropbox – your workflow just got much easier.

Say goodbye to pen and paper time logs and say hello to Speedy Track. Time plays an important job in all of our lives, so having Speedy Track in your pocket will allow you to better manage the time spent on client projects and get paid for it too.

Manage your time, stick to a schedule and avoid procrastination – with Speedy Track.

– Great for freelancers needing to keep track of their hourly rates.
– Simple play and pause time-recording.
– Elegant and beautifully designed to suit your workflow.
– Perfect for professional and personal use.
– Manual input options.
– PDF export and Dropbox backup (with PRO version).


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